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CBGK Shibugeki!!

CBGK Shibugeki!!

CBGK Shibugeki!! was born in 2011 in the middle of Shibuya as a "culture transmission base. Since then, CBGK Shibugeki!! has presented a variety of performances and events, including theater and other performing arts, dance performances, and live music.
The company also hosts "Experimental Rakugo neo" on an irregular basis, and "Zombie Fest THE END OF SUMMER" once a year. The seats are made by the French company Quinet, and the slope of the seats makes it easy to see the show even from the last row.

AddressThe Prime 6F, 2-29-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Acces*2Shibuya(JY 20,JA 10,JS 19,TY01,DT01,G01,Z01,F16,IN01) Station A0 exit soon
The program, performance time and fee may vary depending on each event, so please check the website or contact the facility directly.*1 Blank fields vary by event. *2 The times shown are approximate.


* (公開されません)