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The concept of this cafe theater is not only to serve as a rental theater, but also as a place where various arts and artists can interact with each other.
It has a café-bar, which is common in the European theater style, and exhibits many art works by "Showzen Kajima," a goofy paper artist. It has a full function as a lobby, and continues to provide a space where actors and customers can relax and interact.

Address5-47-4 Sakuragaoka Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Acces*21 minute walk from Chitose-Funabashi(OH12) Station
The program, performance time and fee may vary depending on each event, so please check the website or contact the facility directly.*1 Blank fields vary by event. *2 The times shown are approximate.

SHOWZEN KAJIMA is an actor who appeared in Akira Kurosawa's "Ran". His works are exhibited in the cafe and gallery.

Precautions may be taken to prevent the spread of corona infection.


* (公開されません)