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Haruna Bunka Kaikan(Ecole)

Haruna Bunka Kaikan(Ecole)

 The Haruna Bunka Kaikan is designed in the image of Haruna Fuji, the symbol of the Haruna area, and Lake Haruna. The hall is also known by the nickname "Ecole," which is a combination of "echo" and "encore. The theme of the hall is "The Heart of Japan," and wood is used abundantly to create a relaxed atmosphere. The main hall is an extravagant space especially suited for music (ensembles), with wide seats that allow for a relaxed atmosphere.
Both the dressing rooms and rehearsal rooms are well-equipped to the satisfaction of the performers. The small hall can be used not only for music but also for lectures, exhibitions, receptions, and many other purposes. A community center is also located in the hall, making it an easy to use complex. The observatory offers a panoramic view of the Haruna area.

Address1072-1 Kamisatomimachi,Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken
Acces*2By Car: 40 minutes from JR Takasaki Station, 15 minutes from JR Annaka Haruna Station, 15 minutes from JR Gunma Hachiman Station
CapacityMain505 Sub200
The program, performance time and fee may vary depending on each event, so please check the website or contact the facility directly.*1 Blank fields vary by event. *2 The times shown are approximate.


* (公開されません)

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