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Founded in 1929, the PUK PUPA TEATRO was built to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the PUK PUPA TEATRO Company, a theater specializing in contemporary puppetry. Since then, the theater has continued to create and present high-quality puppet shows, both traditional and contemporary, both in Japan and abroad, with a focus on the performances of PUK PUPA TEATRO Company, and next year, in 2021, the theater will celebrate its 50th anniversary.
In 2021, the theater will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The theater is also loved as a rental theater for its small but rich stage structure and unique appearance. The staff, who know the theater well, will support you from the idea stage to make your ideas come true, not only for theatrical performances, but also for live performances, movie shows, fashion shows, photography, and more. Please make use of the theater as a "place of expression" with a variety of possibilities.

Address2-12-3 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Genre*1Puppet shows, plays, etc.
Acces*21 minute walk from Shinjuku(S01) Station Exit 6, 7 minutes walk from Shinjuku(JY17,JA11,JS20,JC05,JB10,KO01,OH01,M08,S01,E27) Station South Exit,
The program, performance time and fee may vary depending on each event, so please check the website or contact the facility directly.*1 Blank fields vary by event. *2 The times shown are approximate.

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