Due to corona measures, the site may be closed, operating hours may be changed, or advance reservations may be required. Please be sure to check with us before you visit.

Setagaya Public Theatre

Setagaya Public Theatre

Setagaya Public Theatre is a theatre that explores the possibilities of new performing arts through professional creation and performance activities centered on contemporary theatre and dance, as well as through the free creation and participation activities of citizens. Together with the Theatre Tram, Kyogen master Mansai Nomura has served as artistic director since 2002.

Address4-1-1 Taishido,Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Genre*1Theater, contemporary dance, and butoh
Acces*2Directly connected from Sangen-jaya(DT03,SG01) Station
CapacityApproximately 600
The program, performance time and fee may vary depending on each event, so please check the website or contact the facility directly.*1 Blank fields vary by event. *2 The times shown are approximate.

Precautions may be taken to prevent the spread of corona infection.


* (公開されません)

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