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Art Museum and Library ,Ota

Art Museum and Library ,Ota

The Art Museum and Library ,Ota is a platform for knowledge and sensitivity that brings creativity to the city, and aims to be a base for future city planning by citizens while inheriting the wisdom of manufacturing that has been nurtured in Ota.
We look at the past and present of Ota's culture and art, and work with citizens to develop art projects that create the future. With a focus on contemporary art, the museum holds special exhibitions that take advantage of the unique configuration of its exhibition rooms. In addition to collecting, researching, and studying the culture and art that has been nurtured in Ota City, the museum will hold exhibitions where visitors can encounter the world's most advanced sensibilities and creativity. The three exhibition rooms, connected by a gentle slope and a spiral staircase, will be effectively utilized for special exhibitions and educational programs that nurture intellect and creativity. The museum will be closed as there will be no special exhibitions within the year 2020. As for the museum as a whole, the library, café and store will be open.

Address16-30 Higashihoncho Ota-shi, Gunma-ken
Business Hour*110:00 to 18:00
Closed*2Mondays (Holidays are open, closed the following day)
Genre*3Contemporary Art,Library
Entrance Fee*4Depends on each event.
Access*51 minute on foot from Ota(TI18) Station
Collection Pagehttp://www.artmuseumlibraryota.jp/
*1 The last day of an exhibition or event may end early. *2 There are also end-of-year and temporary closures *3 Blanks refer to all genres. *4 Admission prices may vary depending on the event. Check for senior citizens, children and group discounts.*5 The times shown are approximate.

Precautions may be taken to prevent the spread of corona infection. Please contact the gallery for more information.

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